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Outwoods Primary School


Our aim is to develop children’s ability to ask good questions and the skills to find the answers that will build a body of knowledge that feed a love of learning for Science by investigation

Discover the world of science at Outwoods Primary School, take part in scientific tests and experiments and find out the latest science news. We are a school that is passionate about science teaching and learning. The Science experiences are designed to engage your child in an active and creative learning journey.

Children build on their Science experiences by engaging in stimulating and thought provoking cross curricular themes such as Darwin’s Delights, Alchemy Island, Urban Pioneers, Tribal Tales, and Moon Zoom to name but a few! We also use stories from children’s literature, historical stories or articles from the media for communicating science. These can be used as a prompt for children’s scientific questions, to introduce a new science concept or for children to create a story based around their investigation or research.

Children’s skills of enquiry are developed through research, investigation, experiment, first-hand experience and sometimes field trips out of school. We provide learning opportunities/activities that are relevant and connect to your child’s prior knowledge and experience.

The Scientific enquiry objectives underpin Biology, Chemistry and Physics, which are focused on developing confidence and interest in scientific knowledge.