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Outwoods Primary School


Mrs Cutbush discusses the progress of every child in school termly with their class teacher. During this discussion, if a child is identified as not making progress they are given additional support through differentiation and/or intervention group work. The teacher will also monitor them during ‘Quality First Teaching’.  If the child fails to make progress after this they are brought to the attention of the SENDCo.  Mrs Taylor will meet with class teachers and observe the pupil in class. 

Information is gathered from all sources to build up a picture of the child's progress to date. This helps to identify if there is an underlying problem in one of four areas:

  • Communication and Interaction
  • Cognition and Learning
  • Social, mental and emotional health
  • Sensory and /or physical.

If a problem is identified in one of these areas, the child will be put on the SEND register at SEN Support and individual targets will be written to support the child. These targets are written in the form of a PLP (Personal Learning Plan), are reviewed termly and are discussed with parents at Parent/ Teacher interviews. Targets are also sent home and parents are invited to contribute to them. Parents receive the outcome of these targets each term and an end of year report on their child's achievements. 12% of children are on the register at this level.

After two terms the child's progress will be reassessed. If progress is still causing concern, following discussion with parents, outside agencies will be asked to assess the child and offer advice and support in writing and monitoring targets. Parents meet with the SENDCo and/or outside agencies to discuss the outcome of the assessment.   Further targets will be written.

With the advice and support of these outside agencies, a child who still fails to make progress will be considered for assessment by an educational psychologist. This can lead to the child being considered for statutory assessment which may lead to an Education, Health and Care plan (EHC plan) being awarded. Parents and (where possible) children are fully included in this process and contribute to the information gathering.  2% of children in school have an EHC Plan.   

The attachment below is our school’s information report.  It highlights how we as a school support children with SEND and who to contact if you have any further questions.