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Outwoods Primary School


Maths at Outwoods Primary is taught with the belief in the importance of mathematics and that the vast majority of children can succeed in learning mathematics in line with national expectations for the end of each key stage. Children are taught to be mathematicians, discovering new learning for themselves as they make connections between mathematical concepts and relate their learning to real life problems. Concrete materials and diagrams are used to help children to understand concepts fully and to connect children’s ideas to more abstract maths.

Factual knowledge (e.g. number bonds and times tables), procedural knowledge (e.g. formal written methods) and conceptual knowledge (e.g. of place value) are taught in a fully integrated way and are all seen as important elements in the learning of mathematics. The reasoning behind mathematical processes is emphasised.  Lessons explore how answers were obtained, why the method worked and what might be the most efficient strategy for solving different problems. Common mistakes are planned for and used as key learning opportunities to develop the depth of children’s understanding further.

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The Celebrating Maths Project!

The Celebrating Maths Project is a series of three short videos written to give parents a range of mathematical games and puzzles to play with their children.

The first video, for parents of children aged 4-5, gives ideas for finding maths in everyday situations. The second and third videos, for ages 6-7 and 8+, give strategy games that can be played with simple equipment and an active mind!









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