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Outwoods Primary School


At Outwoods, we believe that it is vital that we equip children with the necessary skills to communicate confidently and eloquently. In accordance with the national curriculum, we want pupils to develop a strong command of the written and spoken word, as well as a love of language and reading.

Children receive discreet English teaching every morning, covering a range of writing styles and skills. Much emphasis is placed on developing grammar and punctuation skills, giving pupils the building blocks to structure their writing, whilst our Talk for Writing approach uses fantastic examples of literature as a model to develop their own flair and creativity. We then encourage these skills across the curriculum, ensuring that we give meaningful  writing opportunities in Topic and Science too, so that pupils are constantly and enthusiastically developing their ability to communicate and engage. Much of our English is linked to our topic work, as well as to a range of different age-appropriate texts, from “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” to “Goodnight Mr Tom”.

In addition, we develop pupils’ reading skills through Guided Reading sessions, where pupils are guided in small groups to develop comprehension and analytical skills. We want to encourage your child to not only be able to decode words and understand the meaning of a text, but also question and infer meanings (“read between the lines”) - vital skills in the modern world! Studies show that reading, above all else, is the key to academic progress, so the more we can all encourage a love of reading, the better!