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Outwoods Primary School


Assessment Principles 

  • The members of the Trust have considered the NAHT commission on assessment; Ofsted guidance; DfE assessment innovation projects; and commercial providers in developing their assessment system to ensure that they make an informed initial decision.
  • Year 2 and Year 6 will continue to use levels to assess standards in all the schools in the Trust during the academic period 2014 – 2015. These results will be used in joint moderations within the eight schools across the Trust.
  • In the remaining year groups the schools will be teaching and assessing using the expectations of the New National Curriculum
  • The main focus for assessment will be the end of year statements in all schools.
  • The aspiration will be for all children to achieve the end of year age related expectations and for a percentage to exceed.
  • Reflecting the diversity of the eight schools in the Trust the individual assessment systems have some variation bur are largely similar. All are designed and based on the principles as outlined in the NAHT commission on assessment.
  • The systems are based on year group expectations, subdivided into stages which allows progess to be illustrated.
  • These are based around the concept of emerging, expected and exceeding with some additional granularity to demonstrate progress.
  • Regular meetings are being held to compare the various systems sharing a collaborative approach.
  • Teachers across the Trust will focus on the statements to identify the current attainment and next steps to progress. Using these in learning conversations with children and parents / carers.
  • Regular review meetings are planned across the year to share practice and further refine the systems.