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Outwoods Primary School

About Us

At Outwoods Primary School we are working together as a community to provide a secure, inclusive and stimulating environment, promoting creativity, enjoyment and personal success.

We work together as a community to provide a happy, secure and stimulating environment where children are motivated to learn and are encouraged to reach their full potential. We prepare our children for life within a diverse and changing world with ‘all that it means to be British’ at the centre of our ethos.

Ours is a school with an ethos and purpose which values every-one as an individual, which strives to nurture and develop each pupil where difference is seen as an enrichment of life and where thinking is challenged positively.

When our children leave, they will know how to learn, will be ambitious for themselves, have high self-esteem, thrive on challenge, empathise with the needs of others, have discovered new talents and developed a love for life-long learning.