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Outwoods Primary School

Consultation regarding our admission arrangements - Please view our new item on our 'School News' page

Every five years we need to consult with you regarding our admission arrangements. We are now consulting with you on the proposed admission arrangements for 2019/20. There have been some changes, namely:

  • We no longer include the Nursery arrangements as since September 2017 all Staffordshire school nurseries are no longer maintained school nurseries and admission arrangements are therefore no longer statutory and can be changed without consultation.
  • As we are now an Academy we have made reference to the MAT and the fact we have to purchase the admission process from the LA or carry most of it out ourselves and then tell them the results of our own ranking process so they make the offers on our behalf.
  • In the third criteria the word ‘elder’ in relation to a brother or sister attending the school has been removed as we no longer have the ‘bulge years’ in the school for whom this word was specifically inserted.


We would welcome your comments on the proposed changes for discuss at the next Local Governing Body Meeting on 29th Jan 2018. Please could all comments be sent via e-mail or letter to the school office, marked for the attention of Mrs J Deaville by 22nd Jan 2018.